Finapres NOVA用 心拍変動アプリケーション



心拍変動解析ソフトウェアはFinapres NOVA 用の拡張機能です。

心電図計測が必要なソフトウェアであるため、心電図モジュールが組み込まれている機種であるFinapresNOVA心電図同時計測モデルまたは、FinapresNOVA FULL OPTIONモデルが必要です。

・VLF(Very Low Frequency(0.003 - 0.04Hz))
・LF(Low Frequency(0.04 - 0.15Hz))
・LFNorm(Normalised Low Frequency)
・HF(High Frequency(0.15 - 0.4Hz))
・HFNorm(Normalised High Frequency)
・LF/HF ratio
・SDNN (Standard deviation of all NN intervals)
・TP (The total Power)
・Beat classification(※4)
・BRS (Baroreceptor Sensitivity)

※1: (The square root of the mean of the sum of the squares of differences between adjacent NN(Normal-to-Normal) intervals)

※2: (count of number of pairs of successive NNs that differ by more than 50ms divided by the total number of all NN intervals)

※3: (total number of all NN intervals divided by the height of the histogram of all NN intervals)

※4: (indicates for each beat whether it is included or excluded for the use of HRV signals)